Pannu’s Diary

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“WHAT HAPPENED BABOOOO” ???20130902_125408

Oh come on ! not again…nothing’s happened…I’m perfectly all right thank you!

Why this constant attention on every single action/gesture of mine? And all hell breaks loose when I do something new…they shriek like banshees, bring the house down, get everyone to see me and then they again do the banshee-thingy!

Phew! I tell you being a 3-month old human baby is just not cool!

For starters, everyone’s trying to get a smile out of me –why?

Can I not just be?

I really don’t wanna see you making faces, rolling your eyes, crunching your nose, pulling your ears and other weird contortions of your body –all to just stretch my mouth n flash a momentary toothless grin! That you make proper monkeys of yourself is one thing, but then pulling my cheeks –that’s the limit you know!

And then why can’t you big folks with big brains decide on one single common unanimous name for yours truly?

Come to think of it, “Pranav” isn’t that bad, but where do u even get titles like “Pannu” “Sona” “Makhanu” “Gunda” “Puttha” “Babu” “Toothless” ???

Hmmm…so what is it that I do like to do?

Well, Got a good story for the day? Bring it on…

What’s that? Ofcourse I understand! Every single word.  Even though you guys speak in 4 (or was it 5 at last count?) different lingos, I got a razor-sharp memory —sure, it helps i had a head-start when I was inside mom’s belly and she kept yapping all day long!                                       And here’s my BIG secret — I CAN TALK !                                                                                                                                                                                                   i only choose not to speak, ‘cos its fun to watch you guys decode my balderdash n gobbledygook whole day long, while I lie down n compose my next nonsensical masterpiece!!!

Anyways coming back to the storytelling sessions, I luv watching your emotions, (your genuine ones that is!) your expressive face when you so animatedly describe the characters in your story –add some expansive gestures with your hands, a few dance steps to bring in some zing to the plot and yup, that’s a home-run scored for me!

And Mom just hold me tight – I can stare into your eyes for hours –I simply love the “who will blink first” contests, ‘cos I always win!

Dad, I can’t wait for you to get home every night and tell me how did your whole day go –I see the world through your eyes (hey, I have got your eyes after all!) and its just so reassuring that there is a whole new world out there (away from this madhouse!) with zillions of adventures awaiting my heroic entry in the days to come!

hey, that’s mom –  “Momma, i just finished my diary entry –wanna have a look?” (in gobbledygook ofcourse!)




One thought on “Pannu’s Diary

    Anonymous said:
    October 2, 2013 at 9:55 pm

    Wonderful! So is the picture! DSH

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