“Happy” Diwali…

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Happy Diwali they say..

and i’m inclined to vigorously nod the cerebellum more often than not,

‘Course!  “Happy Diwali” i echo – when & where else do i get a free license to gorge on tonnes of drowned-in ghee (most certainly Not sugar-free) sweets?  and when do you get to rebuke the l’il nagging ‘morally healthy’ voice inside – ‘take a hike’ or a plain ‘buzz off’ -you yell back and actually float in that supremely blissful burpful state along with near & not-so-near, dear & not-so-dear ones  !!!

And which other occasion provides a visual spectacle so grand and wondrous, its like life itself expressing its abundance of colours & sparkles, each burst competing with previous one, you can savour each moment and drop it off almost immediately ‘cos the next one is gonna come up very quickly and capture all of your attention so effortlessly – its eerie – the spell-binding procession that allows every member of its troupe to get its few seconds of (quite literally) airtime !!!

But (and here the good ‘ol cerebellum frowns its pronounced dissent) what of the auditory atrocities inflicted unfailingly on these very occasions ? the devastating ‘bombs’ & chain-crackers that seem to drag out the reluctant (& very much ‘introvert’) ear-drum from its comfortable well-nestled roost to the harsh cacopohony outside and proceed to pound it mercilessly !!!

think about it – there’s nothing so incapacitating as a high-decibel celebration – no quiet, so no reading, no watching tv, no calling up friends, no talking to anybody (‘cos then you end up with a sore throat from shouting over the din to get heard in first place) ….just gotta let all that noise simply wash past you, sport a happyless grin n keep chirping “Happy Diwali” !!!!


One thought on ““Happy” Diwali…

    Nikhil Hegde said:
    December 27, 2011 at 11:29 pm

    you need to start writing again mate!

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