the Cracked Artist…

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fill in the cracks...

“its the cracked ones who let the light in” (spotted on the bumper of a psychiatrist’s car!)

Date: Somewhere in the middle of March ; Time : Half-past Midnight; Venue : My Bedroom ; Occasion : Eve of the much-awaited duel with my arch-enemy…the CorporateFinance exam paper!!!

Yours truly was busy pacing up n down..hastily gulping down Cashflows, Miller-Modigliani hypothesis and other brain-hemorrhaging, gut-wrenching stuff….And then  – it happened! Stopped everything and called out for my ‘man friday’ – the trusted digicam!

Just a few moments back i happened to pause at the window and spotted a section of the adjoining building wall thoroughly lit up with a classic sepia tone…and some really strange-looking characters ‘living’ on this wall !!! 

Now however bad the provocation(and the-eve-of-a-finance-paper ranks right up there at the top of the charts), the Hegdes don’t lose their head and strive to maintain a dignified stance! But i almost lost it then! 

Closer inspection revealed these ‘characters’ were some kinda paste they apply onto building cracks ’round the year and the strong flashlight of a leftover terrace-party was completely focussed on this wall thereby highlighting the forgotten masterpiece!

And ’twas all the more intriguing ‘cos i had somehow never managed to notice this canvas during the daytime (and obviously too dark at night)..

the sheer creative license employed by the workman in doing up a mundane job….the free strokes, the curious expressions…mystical stories etched on a plain simple wall….no, an artist would be a fitting tribute here! the “Cracked Artist”..yup, thats what he is..

Come to think of it, how many times do we bother to fill up the ‘cracks’ with even a fraction of our attention! who cares..who’s even say? well, for starters its one’s own zest for life, a healthy measure of self-belief, and definitely a sprinkling of “crack”ness that keeps you bullishly going at every dreary,insignificant moment..when no one’s looking…

And then once-in-a-blue-moon, there’s this sepia-toned light that comes literally out of nowhere, from the most unexpected of quarters, at the oddest of times and brings out the ‘Cracked Artist’ that is you, to the recognition of a blissfuly dark world! 

PS : If you’re still out there er..’reading’ these lines (whoa! u really must be one of those cracked ones to last this long) and more importantly,still clenching your fists..well, study for a corporate finance exam paper and then we’ll talk !!!


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