Lets’ make a fine road…

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of caring words that pierce like many-edged shards
of friendly advice that cages you down
of mollifying entreaties that seek reconciliation
of worldly wisdom that closes all doors and throws open the one solitary window to the well-paved path,
And thats how you’ll see a fine road !!!


Sure its suffocating,
sure its a dull dreary existence
sure you’re being someone else,
but you know what?
       ’tis best for you!
so follow the path
just follow the path,
And thats how you’ll understand a fine road !!!


Not the odd lumps of concrete,cement or tar
Not the sackfuls of jingling coins
Certainly not the toiling sweat of labour
oh no, its trodding the well-trodden path,
streamrolling over that questioning spirit,
trampling that soft-spoken inner voice,
trouncing that flicker of consciousness,
And thats how you’ll make a fine road..                     

              ……..a jolly good fine road! 


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